i have moved to a new lj.

i am not giving it out, because i want to merely keep a low profile and start afresh.

i am not giving into anyone. this is my own decision.

keep looking around icon communities for my new name. if you're smart, you might locate me.

im sorry but i have to start fresh. hersay can kill a person, it really can.

im not taking any chances

thepitapredator i only did it because i had to figure out who was the "spy". i'm sorry if i was wrong but you didn't defend yourself.. so I had to do what I had to do.
oh and limeybean. you dont seem to care to be friends with me anyway. so why keep someone who doesnt care about me?
flowerings. you said you were thinking about it. well i decided for you. but the door swings both ways. you didn't care to post anything on my entries and i went to your journal and i didn't see any posts... or something odd like that. but im saving you the "hurtfullness" of deleting me first. if you dont want to be my friend, okay fine. but do it for the RIGHT REASONS.

i'm sorry you guys are off. neither of you have said you didn't give indy my posts so im sorry. you're gone. you guys are the ONLY ONES who didn't say anything.

comments disabled. more rude comments coming from certain people will cause you to be banned. its so horrible that some of you USED to be on my flist. its horrible when people turn to the dark side.


im sorry for the way ive been acting lately. i know ive been driving people against me instead of in my favour but i'm such an idiot because i haven't taken my medicine and well i would explain it but you guys might not understand what im going through.

when i get really depressed i split up into two people and the 'bad' version of me usually takes over and gets irritated at everything.

so im sorry and i wish i could take back all the things ive said to people... but i cant. whats done is done and there's nothing i can do about it.

although there are a few things that i dont want to take back. but perhaps reword.

this is how i lost camp, probably lost gabe and lost my sense of pride.

i'm really and truly sorry for being such a 'bitch' and 'childish'. i'm REALLY not like that at all.

why h/hr is incest. (my rant)

Why h/hr is incest

Okay I just read this incredibly STUPID article on lexicon about Harry/Hermione and I had to comment on it.

Okay… I have this sort of gift. I can TELL instantly if there is attraction between two people. Even if its by description or in real life or in a book. Well… however not with myself but you get the point. I’m not trying to brag I’m stating the absolute truth.

So here it is with Harry/Hermione…. When I first read Harry Potter I didn’t notice ANYTHING but sisterly/brotherly love between them. Does it have to be if a guy says to a girl “I don’t think you’re ugly,” automatically they have to like them? Or if they spend too much time with a girl… he has to like them? Its absurd! There is NO ATTRACTION BETWEEN THEM! I would have noticed… believe me. It’s the awkward moments that define the relationship and that exists between Ron and Hermione.

So okay h/hr is incest. Why? Because they act like brother and sister to each other because neither of them have brothers or sisters? GASP did you notice that?? They found someone to replace the void in each others lives. Ron, however, has various siblings and therefore does not need sibling companionship. Therefore, he has harry to be his friend.. and now what? Companionship ( Hermione)

Okay so im done now. Do you get my drift and understand why h/hr is incest? Wouldn’t you protect your best guy/girl friend?

Friends ONLY!


okay. i'm trying this again... but PLEASE only friend me if you WANT to be my friend and not read my entries for you're snickering pleasure.

and when commenting, only those who write sincere comments will be added back. "add me" will not suffice.

more good things?

hi guys. sorry i haven't posted this earlier. i'm lazy what can i say.

anyway jojo has been back from the doggie hospital for the few days now. she seems to be okay. snowy is glad to have her back. jojo is so sweet :) they're both sooooo adorable.

i called back laurie, one of my friends that i met in the 7th grade. i thought she was mad at me but i guess not. we talked for awhile actually. but i was "working" at my dad's office and i was bored so i called her. well haha i told her i had to go when my dad walked in. However i'll call her back.

i really got to get to work on that flag routine. next tuesday i gotta go teach it to them :X

anyway i got a friends only post i gotta post after this but i wanted everyone to know jojo was okay

fucking computerparents

okay well my damn computer is fucking messed up and for some reason it won't let me on the internet.

it's all my mother's fault. yesterday my dad and I went to OKC for a doctor's appointment. MY MOM had to mess around with the cable wire and she dropped the cable modem and the wireless router and maybe messed up the coaxe and now my computer won't let me connect the internet. i even fucking reformatted my computer and still nothing is working.

my mom told me not to get on her computer but she's the one that fucking messed everything up so screw her. she's at a movie with my dad.

so gah im trying to figure out what's wrong but if i don't tonight im taking it over to a computer place tomorrow and see if they can figure out what's wrong. im so pissed off right now it's not even funny.

okay computer is working but now im pissed off at my parents. they caught me on my mom's computer and they say they think a virius is on it now because i was on it (they always blame everything computer wise on me). the computer is slow (it has been for the whole fucking day) and being an ass and they say it's because i checked my mail (on aol and i didn't open anything) and i didn't even check my mail and i went on 3 livejournal pages. her laptop was fucked up before that.


and well hell yes i lie about it because i didn't have anything to do about it and then they start comparing me to my brother "miles never lied to least he always told the truth...blah blah" well yeah you know what?? MILES FUCKING DID CRACK!!!


i want to throw something out a window.
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